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鄰近診所開張了 禾心診所 >>>>>>可近性最佳醫療服務////////// 前門諾醫院醫師註診



校園健康體位及實施減重計畫 ~~~~~~請看手冊>>>>>>>>>下載 國民健康署資料


     健康學習資料 >>>>>>>宣手冊>>>請看這裡>>>>  衛生署


They circulate feelings of love throughout the health centre:

The goal of health centre is to improve the poor state of health care in remote village. The community medical collaborates with the bureau of public health to strengthen academic health. The staff of this centre not only have a bosom and concern heart, but also possess services filled with enthusiasm and devotion, and carry out good patient-staff relations by caring for student’ well-being and comforting them compassionately.


About Health centre

Place for health care centre:   Room 107, 1st floor in educational building.

1. The Staff 



Tsai-Lin Chen




Institute of public health Tzu Chi University

Phone extension

038653906-119; or 0980555022



Epidemiology research


Theory of health and nursing; Instructor
BLS instructor

 2. Servicing time: (1). Every Monday to Friday:



Morning 8:00 ~ afternoon 5:00

(Mdical treatment opens normally in the afternoon)


Holidays on weekends and country’s holidays.

                         (2)Services for outpatient community medical treatment.



every afternoon on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday 13:00~15:00


Holidays on every Monday ,Friday and weekends.

 3. Health service and job matter 


(A). Freshmen Health Check Up

(a) Freshmen health check up and unusual track guidance and assistance..

(b) A self paid injection vaccine for freshmen’s hepatitis B.  

(B). Health Tuition.


(a) An organization for health lecture and first-aid cantonment activities.

(b) To provide health protection sheet, a booklet.

(c) Health care books, video tape rental services.

(d) Student groups to apply for the insurance claim a list of required documents 

(C). Fitness Services.

(a) Guide to medical treatment and health consultations.

(b) First aid for dealing with surgical trauma and urgent injuries.

(c) Lending of equipments like first-aid kit, cane, wheelchair etc.

(d) To handle the student’s protection as a whole (safety insurance) and application for the managing and compensating services. 

(D). Student Insurance Service

(a) Student groups to apply for the insurance claim a list of required documents

(b) Students in the academic year the content of group insurance

(c) Students to apply for accident insurance accident records. 

  4. The facilities in the health care center

(1). Equipments like first-aid kit, cane, wheelchair etc.

(2). Body fats, weight survey, voluntarily survey for blood pressure implement.

               (3). Health care books, video tapes.